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DesignerStarbucksApplicationsRailingLocationChicago, IL, US

Starbucks at Oak and Rush

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Starbucks stores and facilities are widely known and highly regarded for their sustainable and sophisticated designs. The newest Starbucks flagship store at Oak and Rush in Chicago, IL, which features architectural wire mesh from Banker Wire, is no exception.

The Oak and Rush Starbucks is one of six flagship stores in the world. Its first level looks like a typical Starbucks, with casual seating aimed toward to-go customers. Its upstairs, however, offers a more sophisticated experience with enhanced menu offerings that include appetizers, small plates and desserts, and, after 4 p.m., beer and wine.

A staircase with Banker Wire railing infill marks the transition between the two levels. The architectural wire mesh pattern used, M22-22, matches the store's chic, yet homey, aesthetic. The architectural mesh weave's twin wire flat top style adds visual and textural interest to the staircase.

After Banker Wire wove the M22-22 architectural mesh pattern, it was sent out for an antique brass plated finish. This finish complements the worn exteriors of the other materials used in the store, which include reclaimed Chicago brick and greenheart planks salvaged from boxcars. Unlike paint, the plating will allow mesh to maintain a metallic, reflective look. Banker Wire architectural mesh can be plated in a variety of finishes.

Like many of the products used in the store, the Banker Wire architectural mesh is environmentally friendly. It is composed of 80 to 85 percent post-consumer and 13 to 18 percent pre-consumer recycled steel. The weave was produced in a low-energy, cold-forming process in a plant that was illuminated with ample natural daylight and energy-efficient lighting.

Additionally, because the mesh was produced within a 500-mile radius of the Starbucks store, it contributes to its Regional Materials credit for LEED-certifications. This factor was important because all new Starbucks stores are built to LEED standards.

A staircase with Banker Wire railing infill marks the transition between the two levels at this Starbucks flagship store.Woven wire mesh is both chic and not intimidating, for the perfect retail look. Banker Wire M22-22 wire mesh in Antique Brass plated finish