Project Details

ArchitectRSP ArchitectsFabricatorStandard IronApplicationsLocationEagan, MN, US

Cedar Grove Parking Garage

The Cedar Grove Parking Garage, located in Eagan, MN, is a two-level parking structure designed to accommodate the parking needs of the nearby Paragon Outlet Center and other developments. The architect of the Parking garage was RSP Architects.

From the City of Eagan's website, "The architectural elements of the ramp are intended to respect the design of the outlet center using compatible materials and vertical elements, but not copy it. The design uses brick veneer exterior broken up by colored concrete panels with architectural expressions that are consistent with the vertical design of the outlet center while maintaining its utilitarian purpose as a public parking facility. The main stair towers will be enclosed in glass and the lower level openings covered in an architectural grate, both to add additional material quality and provide functional safety for its users."

Banker Wire's M44-2 is utilized as the railing infill panels on the interior stairs of the parking garage. SJD-3 is utilized as the architectural grates that cover the lower level parking garage openings. Banker Wire also provided the raw sticks of U-edge to Standard Iron for fabrication.

Powder-coated M44-2 woven wire mesh is used as infill panels for the interior railing.Banker Wire mesh offers both form and function in this parking garage.