Michigan State University Locker Room

Michigan State University Locker Room

Lansing, Michigan, United States

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Colleges and universities increasingly rely on state-of-the-art facilities to recruit athletes. In the past, however, Michigan State football coaches avoided showing recruits their outdated home locker room. Now, after a substantial addition, the Spartans have a locker room to be proud of. The new locker room was included in the addition of a 50,000-square-foot North End Zone Complex, which was designed by Integrated Design Solutions.

The 5,000-square-foot locker room, called the Rachel Fairman Adams Spartan Locker Room, after the late mother of former MSU and NFL offensive lineman Flozell Adams, leaves no question of the identity of its home team. A Spartans carpet covers its floor, photos of the team decorate its walls, and green accents are interspersed throughout the space. Every detail is tended to, including the lockers themselves, which are embellished with Banker Wire woven wire mesh.

Integrated Design Solutions sought an alternative to traditional wood lockers. For that purpose, they turned to Banker Wire, eventually selecting the M44-2 weave. The M44-2 weave used at Michigan State University is a lock crimp pattern. Lock crimps are characterized by straight sections of wire connected by a well-defined “bump” at their intersections. This pattern features groups of four wires that intersect in a plaid-like pattern, adding visual interest to the lockers, and allowing their users to place hangers and other items almost anywhere they choose. In stainless steel, it complements the Spartan green used throughout the facility.

Before playing hard on the field, players at Michigan State University grab their gear from hard-working, durable Banker Wire architectural mesh.

Project Designer:
Integrated Design Solutions
Project Applications:
Interior Cladding
Building Types:
Education, Sports & Recreation

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