1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn, New York, United States

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The newly opened 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn’s iconic Dumbo neighborhood features a touch of greenery. In the guest rooms and public spaces, the hotel brings the outdoors inside. Most notably, this eco-luxury hotel boasts a 25-foot custom green wall in the lobby. Banker’s wire mesh pattern I-21 makes up the woven wire mesh wall cladding. In addition, custom-made welded wire mesh baskets hang from panels for vegetation.

New York City landscape design firm Harrison Green developed the green wall concept. They then approached AgroSci, which manufactures and installs exterior and interior living walls. The goal was to create a unique installation in the lobby that aligns with 1 Hotel’s eco-theme. As a result, the wire mesh wall cladding blends natural and industrial elements. Against a backdrop of concrete and steel, this layout ensures that greenery can grow organically.

Banker Wire’s I-21 helped transform the green wall into a living work of art. Powder-coated in black, the wire mesh provides a grid to mount the welded baskets. AgroSci chose intercrimp mesh, commonly seen in urban-inspired window guards and fire escapes. Therefore, using steel as the main element gives the impression that plants are “reclaiming” the modern location. 

“The living wall adds warmth, beauty, and nature to the hotel’s lobby,” said Mark Prescott, president of AgroSci. “We are pleased and proud to have participated in this cutting-edge project.”

AgroSci chose Banker Wire to produce a custom solution to meet the project’s goals. To begin with, the company provided drawings of the components, including the steel panels and baskets. Banker then collaborated with AgroSci to develop the wire mesh wall cladding that supports the welded planters.

“They were very easy to work with,” said Chris Pianta, CEO of AgroSci. “Banker Wire was very open-minded about the application, which was important since it is a little out of the ordinary.” 

Following the lobby, the modern theme carries over into the guest rooms as well. Banker Wire’s L-85 creates interior space separators and decorative accents around the room. The industrial style of the wire mesh complements the natural elements of the rooms. With a large open area, L-85 allows for space definition without fully dividing the room.

Project Designer:
Harrison Green
Project Fabricator:
Harrison Green
Project Applications:
, Space Dividers & Displays , Cabinetry & Furniture , Interior Cladding
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