SOHO Boutique

SOHO Boutique

New York, New York, United States

Products Used

Recently, this SOHO boutique underwent a name change, and with the name change the store was redesigned to adapt to their new look. This boutique is a purveyor of hand-crafted Florentine leather goods and accessories for men and women.

SJD-21 in stainless steel is used as a unique set of doors in the quaint SOHO New York boutique. The doors conceal a storage area from the general public while remaining an integral part of the upscale aesthetic in the store. The purposeful irregular appearance of SJD-21 gives a unique glitter to the boutique as the natural light from outdoors and the warmth of the interior lights reflect off its surface. The stainless steel of the woven wire mesh works well with the richness of the wood and the leather goods that fill the store.The perimeter trim is a simple stainless steel angle iron, fastened to the substrate using countersunk screws, with custom handles to open and close the doors. The result is a custom-fabricated screen harmonizing time-honored sophistication with cutting edge chic.

Project Designer:
Robert Nassar Design
Project Applications:
Interior Cladding
Building Types:

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