Lincoln Square – Lobby

Lincoln Square – Lobby

Holborn, London, United Kingdom

Products Used

In the two lobbies of Lincoln Square, custom chandeliers made of Banker Wire’s M22-83 in mixed Stainless Steel and Bronze dominate the high ceilings. The warmth of the stainless steel and bronze woven wire mesh blends well with the other luxurious elements in the lobby. Plush chairs and carpets, with warm marble and lighting play well off the unique curvature of M22-83. Woven wire mesh used as part of a chandelier makes an exceptional visual statement. Light can dance and reflect off the metallic surface of the lighting fixture and unique geometry of each wire adding subtle sparkle to the room.

Lincoln Square is a new ten-story residential building in London, located within walking distance of many historical buildings and some of London’s oldest educational institutions. The overall building is intended to be modern, yet blend in with the historical nature of the area.  On the interior, Patricia Urquiola’s goal was to create a variety of unique spaces that were unified by subtle elements and themes, like woven wire mesh.

Throughout the rest of the building, M22-83 is featured in many other areas such as hallways, suites, and the library of Lincoln Square.

Project Designer:
Patricia Urquiola Studio
Project Architect:
PLP Architecture
Project Applications:
Ceilings & Canopies , Lighting
Building Types:

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