Ilot Fontenoy Ségur

A stunning chandelier is the crown jewel of the renovated Ilot Fontenoy Ségur.

Ilot Fontenoy Ségur

Paris, France

Products Used

The recently renovated Fontenoy building in Paris, originally designed by Chief Architect André Ventre in the 1930s, now showcases a refreshed lobby with a stunning chandelier as the crown jewel for the office building that houses the services of the Prime Minister and various independent administrations.

Under the direction of B. Architecture, the custom chandelier was designed and fabricated by Secante in partnership with Dargaisse, a sheet metal specialist based in Paris. The duo sourced approximately 615 square feet of Banker Wire’s IPZ-25 pattern woven in stainless steel and bronze to complement the Art-Deco-inspired interior architecture.

The woven mesh used is a simple, lightweight intercrimp design that utilizes different wire diameters to achieve balanced stiffness and a high degree of reflective properties. The color contrast created from mixing stainless steel and bronze results in a beautiful wire mesh that was used as the primary material for the chandelier. The layers of mesh create an intiriquing pattern for the custom chandelier.

Project Architect:
B. Architecture
Project Fabricator:
Secante in cooperation with Dargaisse
Vladimir Partalo
Project Applications:
Art & Signage, Lighting
Building Types:

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