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DesignerH2R DesignApplicationsLocationAbu Dhabi, UAE

HOB, Dalma Mall

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Banker Wire's M22-22 brass woven wire mesh is used at wall cladding in HOB at Dalma Mall.

The design of HOB, a luxury shopping destination for perfumes, accessories and cosmetics in Dalma Mall — one of the largest shopping malls located in Abu Dhabi — called for custom, quality materials that could meet both functional and aesthetic purposes. One such material is Banker Wire’s M22-22 mid-fill woven pattern, which was the ideal medium to be used as an interior decorative feature on the back display wall, doors, and perfume stand counters.

H2R Design was tasked with creating a boutique retail space that draws inspiration from the local region through the use of regal colors and upscale architectural details. Each detail was carefully selected to reinforce HOB’s vision for the design, which was to exude magnificence, refinement and grandiosity. The design team felt Banker Wire’s architectural woven wire mesh was the perfect complement to their design concept and the elegant material selections around it, such as dark oak wood, brassy metallics and stunning marble flooring.

“It is essential to recognize the contextual journey in order to create a soulful and memorable experience,” says Hasan and Husain Roomi, H2R Design Founders. “The use of this brass Banker Wire mesh worked so well here, as it resembled modern Mashrabiya patterns, and brought in the sense of arabesque tradition.”

Used to embody a cultivated, high-end quality, M22-22’s twin wire flat top pattern adds visual texture and interest. The wires are crimped in such a way to create facets that collect and redirect light from all angles, allowing the mesh to sparkle in its environment. In fact, each side of this particular mesh pattern offers very different textures, and either side can be showcased in an application depending on the desired aesthetic.

For the perfume displays in particular, the upper levels are made of the brass wire mesh with tube lights in the back for a beautiful, diffused glowing effect. The high transparency of M22-22, which has a 61% open area, maintains a sense of openness in the space while still forming boundaries from one display to the next. This thoughtful combination of lighting and wire mesh reveals different depths and dimensions to create a delicate, reflective backdrop for the product being sold. Most importantly, the brass structures play a significant role in tying the entire store together.

H2R Design also felt that Banker Wire’s M22-22 pattern had an important relation to the HOB logo, which they designed to evoke a sense of discovery for hidden treasures, with an “x” shape inspired by ‘x marks the spot’ commonly associated with treasure maps.

Ultimately, intricate craftsmanship was required to interlace the woven wire mesh and other distinct materials to present a retail space with smooth angles, soft edges and an awe-inspiring effect that appeals to HOB’s affluent clientele.

At the HOB luxury store in Dalma Mall, Abu Dhabi, Banker Wire's M22-22 woven wire mesh in brass is used at retail displays.Door infill at HOB in Dalma Mall, located in Abu Dhabi, uses Banker Wire's M22-22 woven wire mesh in brass.Banker Wire's M22-22 woven wire mesh in brass is used as retail displays in HOB, Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi.REtail displays at HOB in the Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi use Banker Wire's M22-22 woven wire mesh in brass.Retail displays, wall cladding, and door infill at HOB in Dalma Mall utilize Banker Wire's M22-22 woven wire mesh in brass.Stunning retail displays at HOB in Abu Dhabi use Banker Wire's M22-22 woven wire mesh manufactured in brass.Wall cladding and retail displays at the HOB luxury store in Abu Dhabi use Banker Wire's M22-22 brass woven wire mesh.