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DesignerDeleapApplicationsSpace Dividers & DisplaysLocationDenver, CO, US

Denver Private Residence

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The wire mesh partitions create a subtle divide between rooms.

In renovating this 1959 house in Denver, interior designer Mitra Gholami of Deleap sought to create an updated, modern aesthetic without sacrificing the classic features of the home. Woven wire mesh pattern M22-28 was chosen in a brass finish to construct a contemporary paneled accent wall between the kitchen and living room areas, partially concealing the stairs to the lower level. With it’s 64.5% open area, M22-28 creates a subtle separation between the spaces without completely obstructing view from one room to another.

“I wanted the partitions to add design element while having a strong structed wall,” states Gholami. “The purpose was to keep the structure and the character of the house but create an open space.”

The twin wire intercrimp pattern introduces a unique metallic element to surrounding space. When struck by natural light the many facets of M22-28 glimmer with rich brass tones, contrasting the soft white walls and furniture. Though a delicate and fine weave, the metal mesh adds a sense of strength and structure, exemplifying the versatility of the unique material. When accompanied by the light-toned wood frames, the brass wire mesh contributes a sense of warmth to the light and airy feel of the home.

The 64.5% open area of M22-28 allows for an open feeling in the space.M22-28 unique woven pattern reflects brass tones in the natural light.