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ArchitectHill PartnershipFabricatorAnderson Charnesky Structural SteelApplicationsRailingLocationNorwalk, CA, US

Cerritos College, Math/CIS and Fine Arts Buildings

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Cerritos College Math/Computer Information Systems (CIS) building is a 33,000 square foot facility that sits in the same location as the previous Technology building. The first floor supports math faculty, classrooms, and a study center. The second floor is dedication to computer information labs, more classrooms, and an additional study center. The Fine Arts Complex is two-story building with around 55,000 square feet. The first floor had high tech equipment for various arts, printmaking, ceramics, film, and an art gallery. The second floor has areas for painting/drawing, computer graphics, photography, and mass communication. Both buildings meet the California Green Building Standards Code CALGreen for energy efficiency.

Throughout the interior and exterior of the Math/CIS and Fine Arts Buildings Banker Wire’s M13Z-145 large wire mesh pattern framed with Versatile Spine as railing infill panels. M13Z-145 is a large scale, three wire, rigid cable patterned after traditional European designs intended for architectural woven wire mesh. The long aspect ratio of M13Z-145 differentiates very clearly the vertical pattern from the horizontal. M13Z-145 is strong and is also available in many different finishes.