Blackstone Bxii Offices

Blackstone Bxii Offices

New York City, New York, United States

Products Used

M Moser, an international architecture and design firm created a space that combines bold and raw materials with a refined aesthetic. A prominent industrial-inspired design element — used throughout the hallways, breakout areas and meeting spaces — was crafted from Banker Wire’s S-12 architectural wire mesh, which CARVART then incorporated into their system to create decorative wall panels and partitions. For this particular application, the robust S-12 pattern is woven in plain steel with a blackened finish. Its metallic transparency allows just a touch of light to diffuse through the mesh.

“After reviewing Banker Wire’s S-12 material, we determined that it was rigid enough to use without the added support of glass,” said Ellie Goodlet, Sales & Design for CARVART, a leading architectural glass company. “We customized our hardware to accommodate the metal and added back support bars every three to four feet to prevent deflection in the metal and create extra support. Our frame matched the finish of mesh, creating a beautiful finished product.”

Project Architect:
M Moser
Project Fabricator:
M Moser
Project Applications:
, Space Dividers & Displays , Interior Cladding
Building Types:
Office & Workplace

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