Juwelier Hunke

Juwelier Hunke

Ludwigsburg, Germany

Products Used

The Hunke family has been running successful optical and jewelry business in individual buildings for many years in the city center of Ludwigsburg, Germany. In order to remain at the top of their field, the family decided to consolidate their three family-owned buildings that supported the jewelry, optic, and watch portions of the business. The end-result is a stunning, sustainable, and modern retail store. The interior design of the new Hunke Jewelers incorporates both the building’s history and family traditions. Every room feels very personal and cozy while representing high quality product.

Cladding many walls from floor to ceiling in Hunke Jewelry is Banker Wire’s antique brass plated S-12 decorative wire mesh. The secondary finished wire mesh adds a beautiful and subtle movement to the space while giving a soft glint from the reflecting lights. The S-12 decorative mesh pattern is a robust mesh that can be woven in stainless or plain steel. When a secondary finish is applied, S-12’s texture stands out in brilliant detail.

Project Architect:
Ippolito Fleitz Group
Project Fabricator:
Zooey Braun
Project Applications:
Interior Cladding
Building Types:

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