Twitter, Boulder Offices

TW-1 woven wire mesh is a stunning addition to the ceilings of Twitter's Boulder office.

Twitter, Boulder Offices

Boulder, Colorado, United States

Products Used

In late 2016, the Boulder, Colorado Twitter office move locations to a 30,000 square foot open-concept space. The design of the offices utilized Banker Wire’s TW-1 woven wire mesh pattern as part of ceilings, signage, and cladding. TW-1 is a twill-style woven wire mesh pattern that due to its densely packed wires, has a low percent open area. Taking full advantage of the uniqueness of TW-1, panels were cut into a variety of shapes to use a decorative ceiling elements that conceal wires and soften lighting.

One of the most intriguing elements of the design is the wall cladding and signage used. Banker Wire was able to flawlessly cut out the social media giant’s iconic bird logo exactly to specification with the in-house laser table. The cut out was then used on the front of the main lobby’s desk. All panels of TW-1 were manufactured in plain steel with a Banker Wire fabricated edge. A Secondary Finish powder coat was applied.

Project Applications:
Ceilings & Canopies, Art & Signage, Interior Cladding
Building Types:
Office & Workplace

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