22 Bishopsgate

22 Bishopsgate

London, United Kingdom

Products Used

22 Bishopsgate is a large scale, 62 story office building with views across London. Part of a new city development area known to some as the vertical village, 22 Bishopsgate creates state-of -the-art facilities.  Some of  Britain’s most prestigious companies made the decision to gain occupancy.  One such tenant on the 16th and 17th floor sought the creative vision of the architects at TP Bennett to design their office space.  Banker Wire IPZ-56 wire mesh pattern was chosen to fill the space with metallic transparency, color, and texture.

TP Bennett intended to create a stand-out staircase and matching interior space divider.  The goal was to find a material that would add color and flow within the space to provide a balance of strength and transparency.   Banker Wire’s UK representative, Amron Architectural answered the call by suggesting IPZ-56 mesh pattern.  The mid-fill woven wire mesh pattern was finished in a champagne gold PVD finish.

Woven wire mesh with its depth and texture has the ability to both reflect and filter light within a space.  The subtle champagne metallic finish on the IPZ-56 mesh pattern provides both warmth of color and a sense of openness.  The hardness of the stainless steel metal mesh will provide the durability for many years to come.

Project Architect:
TP Bennett
Project Fabricator:
James Engineering
Project Applications:
Railing , Space Dividers & Displays
Building Types:
Office & Workplace

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