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ArchitectPurcellApplicationsRailingLocationNorwich, United Kingdom

Norfolk County Hall

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Banker Wire Diamond Copper Mesh

Copper wire mesh railing infill panels recently installed at Norfolk County Hall bring new life to the 1960s building. Located in Norwich, UK, Norfolk County Hall is the seat of the Norfolk County Council. Being the headquarters for a local government authority, the building’s interior should reflect a dignified and elegant appearance. To this extent, Banker’s UK representatives at Amron Architectural worked with designers at Purcell to select the best material for the railings, ultimately deciding on Banker’s M22-27 in copper.

Designers at Purcell sought a wire mesh with detail, something outside of a typical large welded pattern. In addition, designers emphasized the importance of the mesh being in copper. To satisfy both these requirements, M22-27 was the best choice for the wire mesh railing infill panels. The square twin wire weave, positioned in a diamond orientation, creates a feature that commands attention. With a 75.0% open area, the robust wires make the pattern distinctive without being obstructive. Accented by the high volumes of natural light from the upper windows, the copper mesh takes on a vibrant, glimmering aesthetic.

For this project, Banker provided 39 individual panels of mesh. Prior to shipment, our in-house fabrication department cut each piece to the exact shape and size defined by the customer’s drawings. Our precision cutting ensures that each panel, specified in 20 separate measurements, maintains visual balance within its frame and a consistent diamond orientation. At Norfolk County Hall, the shape of the wire mesh railing infill panels follow the slope of the stairs. Irregular parallelograms rise at the same elevation as the steps. Rectangular panels fill the horizontal spaces around each landing and balcony. Though the framed shape of each section varies, the wire mesh retains a constant diamond orientation relative to the ground.

The 75.0% open area of the wire mesh railing infill panels creates a light and open feeling in the county hall.The light reflecting on the copper wire mesh creates a dazzling aesthetic.Wire mesh railing infill panels surround the main stairs and balcony of Norfolk County Hall.