Project Details

ArchitectResonate Interior ArchitectureFabricatorRaven Project MetalsPhotographyPhilip VileApplicationsInterior CladdingLocationLondon, United Kingdom

165 Fleet Street

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The delicate appearance of the SZ-4 wire mesh lends a subtle detail to the space.
Aberdeen Asset Management challenged Resonate Interior Architecture to redesign and renovate the building entrance of 165 Fleet Street. The original entrance appeared outdated, dark, and uninviting on the busy and iconic Fleet Street. The goal of the redesign was to create a warm and welcoming environment. This called for a modern look that would suit the many different tenants of the building. The installation of the wire mesh wall cladding was a complement to the new atmosphere of the space.
Amron Associates, Banker Wire’s UK representative, worked directly with Resonate. Amron offered a range of patterns for the wire mesh wall cladding of the reception area. With the architect’s vision clearly in mind, the team selected woven wire mesh pattern SZ-4. The colors of the stainless steel and copper configuration were vital in this choice. In the bright lighting, the reflectivity of the wall coverings gives a brilliance of its own.
Raven Project Metals mounted the decorative wire mesh to the wall. A sheet of glass secures SZ-4, surrounded by a custom-manufactured frame. The glass ensures that the living finish is not affected by touching the wire mesh wall cladding. With warm tones, the frames correlate with the stainless steel and copper combination. The depth of oranges, yellows, and browns in the wood brings out the vibrance of the copper wires.
Architectural wire mesh pattern SZ-4 is the perfect addition to the updated lobby. The decorations of the reception area coordinate with the stainless steel and copper combination. The front-lit panel of the reception desk as well as the copper-colored wall décor behind correspond well with the color scheme of the open area. As a result, the individual aspects of the room form a cohesive aesthetic. Delicate and dazzling, SZ-4 brings a level of sparkle only accomplished with wire mesh.
The copper and stainless steel SZ-4 was mounted to the wall by trapping it behind a sheet of glass and a custom manufactured frame.The SZ-4 wire mesh pattern in copper and stainless steel perfectly complements the warmth of the renovated entrance.