Fairview Building

SZ-4 is a beautiful decorative mesh that makes a stunning visual impact in any application.

Fairview Building

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Products Used

The Fairview Building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a 1961 office building that has recently undergone major interior remodeling. Paul Davis Restoration and Remodeling had previously worked with Banker Wire and knew that when the design called for wire mesh, Banker was their go-to.

The main goal of the project was to not only provide a modern look to the lobby, but to obscure the large vent registers on the walls while still allowing air to pass through. To meet these goals, the SZ-4 woven wire mesh pattern in stainless steel, framed by the Versatile Spine, was chosen. Five panels were created, one of which has a cut out to provide access to the elevator buttons. The panels utilize stainless steel standoff mounting hardware with decorative caps to maintain room for air to flow from the vent registers while allowing the warmth of the wood paneling to show through.  The natural light filtering through the doors, along with the warm down lighting, glint off the stainless steel making the lobby feel warm and inviting.

Project Applications:
Interior Cladding
Building Types:
Office & Workplace

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