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ApplicationsRailingLocationAurora, CO, US

Rocky Mountain Resort

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The decorative wire mesh adds to the rustic mountain aesthetic.

This luxury retreat resides high in the Rocky Mountains in Aurora, Colorado. Both a resort and convention center, the complex is home to a total of 1,500 rooms and suites as well as over 500,000 square feet of usable meeting space. With a water park, special activities, and entertainment, the destination is an all-inclusive experience for the whole family. The highest traffic areas of the building feature Banker Wire’s M13Z-146 as wire mesh railing infills. The decorative mesh provides additional security to the railings while adding to the rustic mountain aesthetic.

Inside the central common area of the hotel, a cascading waterfall flows down from the main lobby. A pair of stone staircases lead out of the wood-paneled room, framing the boulders of the falls. Black railings with infill panels of woven wire mesh pattern M13Z-146 edge the staircases as well as the ledge over the waterfall. The horizontal lines of the architectural material remain parallel to each step. This design creates a rugged appearance, contrasting the upward angle of the stairs. The curve lines of the panels match that of steps, creating a wide mouth for the small river. These railings follow the edges of the waterfront, surrounding the resulting pond in the center of the open space.

Throughout the commons, there are many pathways for lodgers to walk and explore, leading to facilities and activities in the resort. The black metal barriers line each winding path, protecting and guiding guests. The pond-side restaurant in the common area also features M13Z-146 in the railings surrounding the patio dining area. This design allows visitors to get a closer look at the nature-inspired features of the resort without the risk of falling. In addition, the wire mesh railing infills ensure that everyone, especially the little ones in the family, stays safe.

The black wire mesh railing infills are made from Banker Wire's M13Z-146.Woven wire mesh lines both sides of the waterfall staircases.Woven wire mesh pattern M13Z-146 is a triple shute pattern with a horizontal flow.The wire mesh railing infills are curved along with the frame to follow the winding paths.The common area restaurant patio is surrounded by black metal railings.Wire mesh railing infills give an open and airy feel while providing security for guests.