Renaissance Charleston Historic District Hotel

Renaissance Charleston Historic District Hotel

Charleston, South Carolina, United States

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Completed in the Fall of 2016, The Renaissance Charleston Historic District Hotel underwent a full renovation. The final result of the renovation gives the hotel a refined and intimate feeling, while still maintaining a sense of southern charm.

Between the two busiest areas of the hotel rests a lounge that has been designed to be a calm and quiet reprieve as well as a pass-through for the lobby and meeting areas. The lounge was inspired by the history of Charleston, using colors and materials that were discovered throughout the city by P3 Design Collective. The sophisticated yet casual feel of the lounge is greater enhanced by the carefully chosen aesthetic elements. Millwork, the fireplace, décor, and art in the room ties everything together.

Above the stunning diagonal bookcases are decorative wire mesh panels using Banker Wire’s M44-7 pattern in stainless steel. The wire mesh conceals pre-existing lateral air vents while still allowing air to pass freely between the vents and room. The designers wanted a material that would integrate well with the new millwork, and woven wire mesh was chosen to complement the dark wood finish. Metal against wood is a timeless accent, drawing out the beauty and warmth of wood with the coolness of stainless steel.

M44-7 is a simple over-under pattern that uses four independent wires sharing the same crimp pocket. Thin, strong, and beautiful, this pattern reflects light so it shimmers off the slight facets to create a stunning visual. There are nearly unlimited design possibilities with the decorative wire mesh pattern M44-7, including multiple alloy choices and Secondary Finishes.

Project Designer:
P3 Design Collective
Project Architect:
Joshua Corrigan - Ellis Creek Photography
Project Applications:
, Interior Cladding
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