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DesignerMarnell CompaniesFabricatorAbsolute MetalsPhotographyRick FowlerApplicationsSpace Dividers & DisplaysLocationHenderson, NV, US

Raiders Tavern and Grill

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Banker Wire decorative metal space divider

The M Resort, located near Las Vegas, Nevada, is home to the Raiders Tavern and Grill. This restaurant and bar combination showcases a wide range of Raiders memorabilia and décor. Boasting over 45 HDTVs, the dining space is a perfect place to spend game day, especially for Raiders fans. Inside the entrance, a floor-to-ceiling space divider made of wood and wire mesh panels support two large TVs for waiting patrons.

Rectangles of varying size frame Banker Wire's woven wire mesh pattern M22-37, displayed in a stainless steel finish. The combination of materials in the accent wall pays homage to the popular team’s colors; dark stained wood and black metal frames paired with the silver tones of the metal mesh.

This wire mesh space divider is not solely decorative. It also serves as a privacy screen between the bar’s patrons and the resort’s expansive casino. M22-37’s twin wire lock crimp pattern has a 66.2% open area, offering glimpses of the games and machines beyond the wall. The floating sections of wire mesh and dark wood help to define the space without removing patrons from the resort’s inclusive experience.