Mockingbird Pedestrian Bridge

Mockingbird Pedestrian Bridge

Dallas, Texas, United States

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In Dallas, Texas Mockingbird Pedestrian Bridge connects the White Rock and Katy Trails, running from Mockingbird Station to The Highland Dallas Hotel. The bridge spans Mockingbird Lane, a dangerous street for pedestrians, to give a safe way to cross the road as well as connect the trails.

Banker Wire’s M13Z-146 in stainless steel is used as railing and guards along the entire expanse of the bridge. M13Z-146 is an all purpose medium duty triple shute pattern available in all wire alloy types. The large percent open area of M13Z-146 allows for continuous sightlines, providing safety as a physical barrier where pedestrians can see around them.

Project Fabricator:
CT&S Metalworks
Project Applications:
Railing, Fences & Enclosures
Building Types:
Landscape, Transportation & Infrastructure

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