Minerva House, 26 Hatton Garden

Minerva House, 26 Hatton Garden

Holborn, London, United Kingdom

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Hatton Garden is a well-known commercial area in the Holborn district of London. Historically, this area is famous for being London’s jewelry quarter and the center of UK diamond trade. It’s an area with a foundation of luxury and sophistication.

The Minerva House, 26 Hatton Garden, is a seven-story period building that underwent extensive renovations beginning in 2016. It houses multiple businesses, including a co-working space. The aesthetic requirements were simple, elegant, but a design that was full of character.

Banker Wire’s Antique Brass plated LPZ-71 clads the elevator shaft at Minerva House. The LPZ-71 fine woven wire mesh is a perfect balance of wire diameter and spacing. It allows the interesting mechanical workings to be shielded, but also allows glimpses of it at certain angles creating a unique, contemporary industrial feel to the space. The elegance added by the decorative plating secondary finish in Antique Brass, brings a classic touch to the design, an homage to the building’s history.

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