Project Details

ApplicationsSpace Dividers & DisplaysLocationHong Kong Island, China

Hong Kong Residence

High above Hong Kong Island, this rooftop terrace overlooks lush green forests covering an expansive mountain range. Looking to create a unique layout, the designers of this project chose to incorporate Banker Wire’s architectural mesh as a multipurpose statement piece. The dynamic properties of the woven metal mesh allow the residents of the luxury penthouse to enjoy the scenic view without sacrificing their solitude in the highly populated area. Woven wire mesh patterns IPZ-25 and M22-83 are layered atop each other in the one-of-a-kind privacy screens, creating a finished product that is highly versatile.

The blend of the two wire patterns in the space dividers serves many purposes. With thick dark frames, the structures boldly define boundaries around the open space. Though the paneled walls are robust, the intricate designs of the wire mesh soften the general appearance, adding modern architectural touches to an otherwise utilitarian area. The texture created by the pairing offers a higher density than a singular mesh, better obstructing onlooking views without hindering natural elements like wind and sunlight.

Despite the patterns forming a cohesive façade together, each mesh plays its own role. IPZ-25 is a fine wire mesh, close-knit with a slim wire diameter. The small rectangular openings of the wire mesh produce a screen-like effect, appearing near solid from a distance yet semi-transparent up close. In contrast, M22-83 has larger openings with more substantial, distinctive wires that obscure finer details. The helical lines in this pattern give a decorative face to the partitions, complimenting the building’s surroundings by echoing the rises and falls of the mountainous region.

Overall, the metal mesh separators craft the illusion of more extensive openness while still outlining individual areas. Though the panels conceal the residents from outside view, glimpses of the environment can be seen from within, preserving the surrounding ambiance.

Dark metal beams intersect the wire mesh panels, adding bold frames.Woven wire mesh panels hide industrial equipment, giving the space a cozier atmosphere.They obscuring effect of the layered wire mesh is enhanced when viewed at an angle.These metal wire mesh space dividers hide residents from view without blocking natural light.IPZ-25 creates a fine screen-like effect behind M22-83.