Grove Station Tower

Banker Wire's L-64 woven wire mesh in powder coated aluminum is a perfect combination for dealing with the Florida coastline's corrosive nature.

Grove Station Tower

Miami, Florida, United States

Products Used

Grove Station Tower is a luxury apartment and townhome high-rise located in the Coconut Grove Neighborhood of Miami, Florida. The tower features modern design and finishes as well as beautiful unobstructed views of the ocean and surrounding city.

Banker Wire’s L-64 woven wire mesh was incorporated as railing infill for Grove Station Tower’s balcony railings by POMA Architectural Metals. To combat the local corrosive salt-water air of Florida’s coastline, L-64 was woven in aluminum and then powder coated. Balcony railings for this apartment building needed to provide a sense of security while also allowing for unobstructed views of the surrounding area. Strong, durable, and reliable, Banker Wire’s L-64 woven wire mesh was the perfect candidate to fill the design specifications and aesthetic requirements as the railing infill material for Grove Station Tower’s balconies.

Project Architect:
Behar Font and Partners
Project Fabricator:
POMA Architectural Metals
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