Mercer Island Residence

Mercer Island Residence

Mercer Island, Washington, United States

Products Used

Using Banker Wire SZ-4 architectural wire mesh, Steven Dona Architecture chose to provide their client with a first class solution to the common problem of giving a sense of protection from a deck railing while not blocking the view. Glass railing might have been the obvious solution, but in the Architect’s point of view, glass panels lack mass when viewed at a distance, losing the overall design detail. Massive stainless steel railing was custom built around the Copper/Stainless mixed wire mesh providing security and detail even when viewed from the shoreline. Another benefit of using woven wire mesh versus glass for infill panels – one that can be appreciated by both homeowner and birds – is that the woven mesh can be seen by flying birds while glass can be invisible, causing collisions.

Project Designer:
Steven Dona Architecture
Project Fabricator:
Cook Welding Services, Inc.
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