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Equine Stables

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Banker's welded wire mesh pattern WD-009 is a bold addition to the stables.

Banker Wire’s woven and welded wire mesh are functional, beautiful, and cost-effective materials for use in stables. With durable metals and sturdy construction, welded wire mesh enclosures keep horses and other livestock secure while withstanding significant amounts of wear and tear. The open area of welded wire mesh also allows for uninterrupted natural lighting and ventilation, which serves many purposes. With customizable patterns and sizes, welded wire mesh can be designed to fit your aesthetic vision.

A welded wire mesh enclosure for horse stalls offers unobstructed access to natural light, making it a beneficial alternative to other traditional materials. While sunlight is essential for the health of the horses, the unimpeded lighting also reduces shadows and dark corners, making it easier and more effective to care for the horses. This minimizes the need for numerous electrical lights, making them only necessary at darker times of the day.

Dependable ventilation is a further consideration for stables. The large openings of welded wire mesh supply unrestricted airflow for each stall. The fresh air provided makes a more comfortable working environment for stablehands and a cleaner environment for the horses. Less sealed off, the breeze quickly removes moisture from the strongly ventilated spaces. This reduces concerns of mold and bacteria build-up.

These open-air horse stables utilize Banker Wire’s welded wire mesh WD-009, a 2″ mesh .250 specification, to create the hinged door stalls. Multiple panels make up the welded wire mesh enclosure. Four pieces of varying sizes form the unmoving section of the gating, with an open space for the horse to peer out. Two square segments fashion the door used to enter the stall, while a singular square segment is used for a window to allow access to feed bins. The 2-inch square repeat pattern of the welded mesh is large enough for natural elements to fill the stables but narrow enough to prevent smaller animals from entering the stalls. This material also makes an excellent choice for sliding door horse stables and other cattle fencing.

Welded wire mesh enclosures secure the horses in their stables.