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ArchitectIA Interior ArchitectsApplicationsLightingLocationChicago, IL, US

Corporate Office Café

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The wire mesh light fixtures adds a unique focal point to the cafe.

In designing a prominent corporate office located in Chicago, Illinois, IA Interior Architects created “The Halo” in the building’s café and barista area, incorporating an elegant focal piece to the space. The lighting fixture is crafted from Banker Wire’s woven wire mesh pattern IPZ-25 with a stainless steel and bronze finish. This blend of alloys gave the designers a color that complimented the miscellaneous materials used throughout the design, contributing to the classic atmosphere.

“Creating a timeless environment was the most essential goal for the project,” says John Hopkins, Design Director, IA Interior Architects. “We found a vast array of products, patterns and finishes from Banker Wire and we immediately knew Banker Wire would give us the best solution as we evolved the design and finalized the right finish and mesh pattern for this space.”

Chosen for its opacity, IPZ-25 is dense enough to reflect the lighting from the slots above while still translucent enough to retain the open feel of the room. The unique addition to the area’s lighting carries the traditional ambiance throughout, introducing texture and depth to the simplistic smooth plaster ceiling. Broken at the ends and capped with metal channels, the strength of the wire mesh contrasts with the delicate pendant lighting around it, producing opposing forms that add visual interest to the space.

IPZ-25 is transparent enough to make a prominent display without blocking the flow of light.The bronze tones of the combined alloys enrich the area's lighting.