Project Details

DesignerVeenendaal Cave, Inc.FabricatorR.F. Knox CompanyApplicationsInterior CladdingLocationAtlanta, GA, US

AECOM Offices

The AECOM project encompassed the consolidation of seven operating companies into one integrated office space that reflected the progressive culture of the company. We were charged with utilizing the existing transitional mahogany wood clad elevator lobby without compromising the contemporary design intent. To achieve this, we layered two different styles of Banker Wire Architectural Wire Mesh panels over the existing wood panels to integrate it with the rest of the design elements. We used lighting to enhance the contrast of the wood and sparkle of the mesh to create a unique back drop for the firm's logo. The stainless steel Architectural Wire Mesh was the best solution to add textural interest and make a striking first impression as you walk into the suite's main lobby." -Amy Lowey, LEED AP, Interior Designer

This project used: Wire Mesh Pattern: M13Z-187 & F-48. The M13Z-187 is a heavy mid-range rigid cable weave, consistently spaced straight wires are intersected by 3 unique crossing wires that have been tooled. The F-48 woven wire mesh utilizes a strong flat top crimp design suitable for all types of applications. Its Diameter ratio and Flat Top weave characteristics creates a mesh with a heavy surface mass. Banker Wire's flat top weaves can be scaled and customized to suit numerous functions; varying from intricate spacings and diameters to coarse and heavy diameters. In addition, rectangular patterns are easily created to achieve a desired aspect ratio specifically tailored to the project.

Two different styles of Banker Wire woven wire mesh were layered over mahogany for a contemporary aesthetic.