7Seventy House

7Seventy House

Hoboken, New Jersey, United States

Products Used

The new luxury residences of 7Seventy House – located in Hoboken, NJ – required a modern look for their sprawling lobby area that matched the community’s vision of tranquility and innovation. The interior designers, fabricators, and installers at FACTIONED were able to accommodate this aesthetic with a contemporary play on color.

Banker Wire’s S-16 woven wire mesh was chosen as a featured accent piece in the grand lobby. The floor-to-ceiling copper wire mesh wall panels elegantly compliment the blue furniture and cool tones of the surrounding area. The specular aspect of S-16 provides unique lighting effects, creating texture, highlights, and shadows that add warmth and color to the open space. The already developing natural patina of the copper wire gives the mesh a deeper rich tone to balance out the lighter three-dimensional wall panels. Over time the patina will progress, enhancing the pattern of the weave and creating an organic feel that will last.

Looking for both form and function, the designers at FACTIONED knew Banker Wire was the right choice. Though the copper provides a beautiful contrast in the lobby, the resiliency and overall impact of the wire mesh were the core values the designers sought for their project. Featured in a high traffic area, durability was a key factor that the S-16 woven wire mesh was able to provide. The fine weave also allows the mesh to be flexible enough to be formed and yet strong enough to be used at any size.

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Marchetto Higgins Stieve Architects
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, Interior Cladding
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