Fine Woven Wire Mesh Pattern

The PFZ-53 architectural wire mesh pattern represents the precision and control that comes with over 125 years of experience weaving.  Toolmaking sets the stage for alternating between a dense and open wire placement.  Weavers with their loom settings execute the control needed when the varying forces occur.  Together, the Banker Wire team brings an architectural wire mesh pattern unlike any other. The bands of dense and open mesh create an intriguing visual experience.  The unique reflections from light sources as well as the shadows it creates makes the PFZ-53 a mesh you should explore on your next project.  

Pattern Details

Percent Open:47.9%

Overall Thickness:0.140

Crimp Style: PSFTZ

Aspect Ratio: 7.26:1

Opening Limitation: 0.130

Weight: 1.28 lbs./sq. ft.

Available Raw Materials:
stainless materialplain-steel materialss-brass materialss-bronze material
Click here for more information on Raw Materials Copper, Brass and Bronze are Living Finishes. Learn moreliving finish Available Secondary Finishes:
PlatedPowder CoatUS10A
Click here for more information on Secondary Finishes
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