New Project: The Londoner Hotel

Banker's PFZ-53 Creates Unique Dining Room Space Dividers in Upscale London Hotel

November 30, 2021

In the heart of London’s West End, the Londoner stands 16 stories tall at the historic Leicester Square. The establishment boasts luxury amenities, intimate spaces, and keen attention to detail. Because of this, the Londoner is dubbed “the world’s first super boutique hotel”. In addition to the 350 bedrooms, the complex offers a ballroom, 2 cinemas, and several meeting spaces. This grand hotel is also home to 6 food and drink services. Included are restaurants, bars, and a rooftop lounge that features a modern Japanese menu. Amron Architectural, Banker Wire’s UK representatives, worked with EE Smith Contractors to specify the best wire mesh to suit the large seating section. The team chose woven wire mesh pattern PFZ-53 in stainless steel to create the distinct wire mesh space dividers.

Contractors shaped the decorative metal mesh to form the flat panels and rounded corners. Framed in black, PFZ-53 encompasses the border of the dining space. In contrast, solid panes separate the mesh across the middle of each wall. While defining the edges of the space, PFZ-53 also serves as a backdrop to large pieces of artwork. The mesh pieces, solid panes, and monochromatic pictures are all lit by disc-shaped lamps. As a result, the glow from these lights enriches the silver tones of the metal space dividers, matching the warm colors of the interior design.

PFZ-53 is a unique architectural wire mesh. The rectangular openings span over alternating dense and spacious weave patterns. Though the wire mesh has an overall open area of 47.9%, the resulting stripes create an interesting arrangement of varying opacity. This configuration complements its environment, pairing well with the blue plaid chairs. However, the straight lines of these features differ drastically from the ceiling’s winding art. This play on texture creates an extraordinary visual, enhancing the atmosphere of the room.

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