Banker WIre DS-76 architectural wire mesh patternDS-76 Wire opaque woven wire mesh pattern


Opaque Woven Wire Mesh Pattern

The DS-76 opaque style architectural wire mesh displays three consecutive square wires before the heddle frames change. The angular shape of the square wire gives this wire mesh pattern definition unlike that of a round wire. Applications such as vertical or horizontal cladding are popular with this mesh pattern.  The precision and strength easily allows for the cutting of special shapes or complete cutouts of special shapes.

Pattern Details

Percent Open:0.0%

Overall Thickness:0.189

Crimp Style: PD3EZ

Aspect Ratio: 1.88:1

Opening Limitation: 0.000

Weight: 3.10 lbs./sq. ft.

Available Raw Materials:
stainless material
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DS-76 Wire opaque woven wire mesh pattern