Wire Mesh Wall Panels Represent Timeless Quality of Jewelry

November 1, 2022

Banker Wire’s woven wire mesh adorns the contemporary interior of the luxury watch repair reception room located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Inspired by the colors, textures and materials used in the creation of the timeless art pieces worn by its clientele, Banker Wire’s architectural wire mesh wall panels and room divider screens complement the quality and style of the jewelry it surrounds.

SZ-2 brass divider screens framed in red oak

Reminiscent of the intricate details of a watch band, Banker Wire’s opaque DS-7 wire mesh pattern is woven in a mixed alloy configuration of stainless steel and brass. Alternating flat wire widths are crimped in a smooth plain crimp style to create an elegant pattern. The decorative wire mesh wall panels are framed in stainless steel Versatile Channel perimeter frames and mounted to the wall using barrel standoffs. Versatile channel is a modern alternative to traditional framing strategies as the thin, yet durable frame can be used within a variety of applications.

Wire mesh wall panels by Banker Wire

The visual intrigue and density texture of the Banker Wire SZ-2 brass wire mesh room divider screens create an intimate discussion area between the artisan and client. The classic detail and warmth of brass metal mesh, framed in locally-sourced red oak wood, makes a statement of timeless beauty in the space.

Both wire mesh patterns used throughout the showroom were finished with a US10A clear lacquer topcoat to preserve the bright warmth of the brass tones, offering a durable, satin, and tarnish-free appearance.

Stainless Steel and Brass wire mesh

About Banker Wire
Banker Wire is the world’s leading manufacturer of woven and welded wire mesh for architectural and industrial applications. From intricate design highlights in architectural environments to large-scale industrial applications, the company’s scalable operations ensure every mesh job is precisely manufactured according to the specifications of each order. Durable, sustainable, and available in thousands of patterns, wire mesh is the ideal medium to satisfy any project regardless of its function or aesthetic. Founded in 1896, Banker Wire’s state-of-the-art facility in Mukwonago, Wisconsin employs proprietary equipment and processes that have been refined for more than a century, bringing unmatched customization, variety, quality, and service to customers globally.