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DesignerWoodcliff BuildersApplicationsCabinetry & FurnitureLocationSan Jose, CA, US

Werle Residence

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The rich brass tones of S-12 bring out the warmth in the marble backsplash and countertops.

This California residence went from dark and dull to modern and bright with the help of Woodcliff Builders designer Jessica Peters. Remodeled with the thought of entertaining guests in mind, form and functionality played equal roles in the design process. Light cream tones wash over the home, punctuated by the bold statement that Banker Wire’s S-12 makes in it’s Antique Brass plated finish. This woven wire mesh pattern catches the eye throughout the kitchen, living room, and bar as various cabinet door infills.

The unique texture of S-12 brings balance to the stark contrasting color scheme throughout the kitchen. While the open-concept room boasts predominantly pale features, the highlights of the Antique Brass finish draw out the deeper rich tones in the white marble backsplash and counter tops. The shadows created by the weave of the wire mesh help tie in the dark accents in the kitchen, including the black light fixtures and the oil-rubbed bronze cabinet and drawer hardware.

Across from the kitchen, the eye is drawn to the main focal point of the living room, the built-in bookshelves.  Banker Wire’s S-12 clads the four central cabinet doors, creating a unique hideaway for television components and other electronics. The Antique Brass finish brings warmth into the otherwise neutral structure, complimented by the displayed curios and the cozy furniture surrounding it. Both the wire mesh and the oil-rubbed bronze hardware are carried over from the kitchen, making for a cohesive home design.

In the home’s custom bar, S-12 adorns the front of the ceiling-high white cabinets. For this area, the former cabinet and drawer pulls have been replaced with brass and ivory colored hardware, underscoring the brass of the cabinet’s panel. Emphasized by the dark stone counter-top, the lowlights of the pattern accentuate the texture of the mesh, while the Antique Brass face coordinates with the wood of the lower cabinets, bringing a consistent appearance to the space.

“I just love that extra level of detail that this wire mesh provides for cabinets,” states Peters. “It really takes the design to the next level.”

The low open area of woven wire mesh pattern S-12 lends itself well to surfacing, cladding, and other applications where partial coverage is key. At 21.6%, only subtle glimpses will be perceptible through the mesh. Embossed and highly faceted, the highs and lows of this distinctive weave are more defined in plated and powder coat finishes, making Antique Brass plating the perfect choice for this residential cabinetry project.

Banker's wire mesh is accented by the warm toned furniture and curios.Woven wire mesh pattern S-12 is highly faceted when viewed up close.