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ApplicationsFacades & Parking GaragesLocationBlack Hawk, CO, US

The Monarch

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Woven wire mesh parking garage screening adorns the front of this structure.

In Black Hawk, Colorado, the Monarch Casino Resort Spa is a hot spot for Colorado tourists. The destination boasts three restaurants, a full-service spa, and a game-filled casino floor. With 516 guest rooms, the hotel is never empty. To accommodate all guests, the resort offers valets along with a covered self-parking area. For this structure, Banker Wire’s M44-2 comprises both the outer wire mesh parking garage screening and the inner wire mesh railing infill panels.

Wire mesh parking garage screening is a simultaneously practical and beautiful design solution. Woven wire mesh satisfies many of the qualities that the application demands. The durable construction of the M44-2 provides security for hotel and casino patrons who choose to admire the scenery. With large openings, visitors get a full view of the mountain ridge outside. The open area of the wire mesh also allows for ventilation of the vehicles’ exhausts, along with an open breeze of the fresh mountain air.

Architectural Wire Mesh M44-2 is a distinctive pattern, with clusters of four wires laid out both vertically and horizontally. This design reflects the large windows overlooking the road, with similar groupings of metal window pane dividers. The wire mesh parking garage screening also compliments the awnings and small rooftops of the building with the same terracotta color.

Inside the parking structure, cement stairs provide access to and from each level. Banker’s M44-2 carries into this feature as well, used as wire mesh railing infills. Contrasting the reds of the outer panels, the same light tan color that covers the face of each step coats these railings. To make a cohesive design, the angle of the wire mesh stays parallel to the ground, matching the mesh in the parking garage screening. When paired with the rise of the stairs, the shape gives a sense of solidity and strength.

M44-2 is a versatile mesh that is well suited for a variety of applications. The lock crimp intersections of the wires make the woven pattern a sturdy option for both decorative and functional purposes. With a 77.4% open area, M44-2 is a popular choice for enclosures and railing infills where visibility is a necessity.

The large open area of the woven wire mesh allows for an open view of the mountain ridge behind the parking structure.M44-2 is featured as wire mesh railing infill panels as well.