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ApplicationsCeilings & CanopiesLocationMills River, NC, US

Sierra Nevada Brewery

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Banker Wire mesh is often used to create unique displays.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company’s Mills River Taproom in Mills River, North Carolina, features 23 beer taps, seating for nearly 400 visitors, a chef-inspired menu and design accents from Banker Wire.

As project architect Matt Gallaway states, “We had definitive criteria for the percent of open area within the mesh panels.” He continues: “Banker Wire helped us choose a weave that would create a seamlessly textured pattern to fulfill our vision.”

Banker Wire provided the brewery with 2,200 square feet of wire mesh for a variety of applications – mainly in the ceiling panels. The mid-fill weave of S-9 in T304 stainless makes for a pleasing textured weave with high percent open area. S-9 can also be woven in a large range of alloys to suit the vision of the designers. S-9 woven wire mesh is an architecturally stunning element that offers sustainability and durability, echoing the company’s high quality standards. Banker Wire only uses the finest quality stainless steel wire and strives for flawless physical consistencies and surface luster in its wire mesh.

The textured architectural weave pattern in stainless steel was installed to create a paneled walkway through the facility. In addition to the ceiling panels, Banker Wire mesh was used to add a fun, quirky touch to the taproom itself. Stainless woven wire mesh signs were placed along the walls to outline and list the Brewery’s signature Sierra Nevada craft beers. The signs serve as an essential focal point to all visitors hoping to try one of the season’s newest creations.

The Sierra Nevada Brewing Company’s Mills River Taproom opened in March 2015 after three years of work. We find Banker Wire to be an excellent solution for so many different design challenges," says Matt Gallaway, principal architect at Russell Gallaway Associates. "The unsurpassed quality at a reasonable price shows how dedicated the company is to serving its customers. I had never specified Banker Wire in a project prior to the Mills River Taproom, but have used it multiple times since.

The mid-fill weave of S-9 in T304 stainless steel proved to be the perfect choice for the hallway ceiling panels. The luster of Banker Wire architectural mesh plays of the light fixtures.