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ArchitectArkitema ArchitectsFabricatorPahlferApplicationsCeilings & CanopiesLocationKøbenhavn, Denmark

NH Collection Copenhagen

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The entrance into NH Collection Copenhagen is full of warm and welcoming features.

In a truly eye-catching design, Banker Wire's Architectural Wire Mesh pattern S-50 commands attention as a brass wire mesh ceiling tile installation inside the lobby of NH Collection Copenhagen. The waterfront hotel in København, Denmark, resides in a building built as shipyard headquarters in the 1950s. In renovating the new five-star hotel, Arkitema Architects stayed true to the building's historical environment. Architects incorporated ship-inspired elements into the redesign while crafting a warm and welcoming atmosphere with rich wood tones, warm-colored fabrics, and shining brass.

Upon entrance into the lobby, the surprising feature draws guests' eyes upwards. Eighteen square brass wire mesh ceiling tiles crown the stairway. Highlighting the display is a softly glowing chandelier of intersecting straight lines. Each tile box has sides of a slightly different thickness. This design creates an uneven surface reflective of the rolling water outside of the hotel's doors. The direct light of the chandelier further emphasizes the different depths, casting brighter highlights on taller boxes. The glittering accents from the delicate weave of S-50 result in a highly textured ceiling befitting the modern establishment.

Five individual pieces form each wire mesh ceiling tile, creating a distinctive box shape. To achieve crisp lines and sharp angles, each piece of wire mesh is bent about an inch and a half from the edge at a 135-degree angle. Then, fabricators at Pahlfer, Banker's representative in Sweden, fastened the bent mesh together with bolts. Last, framing and inner supports complete the design, providing a finished look and a practical means of mounting.

Formed and mounted, the final product wholly obscures the inner supports of the wire mesh ceiling panels. The flat brass wires of S-50 are highly reflective, catching the warm glow of the framework light fixture. Due to a 44.4% open area, the wires starkly contrast the darkness visible from within, outshining the shadows and forming a plane that appears near solid. The dynamic interaction between the light and the wire mesh results in a ceiling fixture that is captivating and distinctive.

. Eighteen square brass wire mesh ceiling tiles crown the stairway.Each wire mesh ceiling tile is a different depth, creating an uneven surface reflective of the rolling water outside of the hotel's doors.The shining brass wire mesh reflects the warm light from the unique chandelier.Each ceiling tile is made of five pieces of mesh, bent and bolted together and then framed and mounted with internal supports.