Lake Country Residence

Lake Country Residence

Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, United States

Products Used

This Lake Country home in southeastern Wisconsin boasts elements of Banker Wire rectangular stainless steel FZ-10 flat top woven wire mesh throughout.  Custom fabricated wire mesh railing infill panels, furniture and even a clever cook top stove exhaust grille utilizes the smooth, linear flat top weave.

FZ-10 is one of many heavy duty rectangular flat top weave options.  Flat top crimp styles are unique in that only one side of the mesh is visibly “Formed”.  As a result, this leaves the opposite side with a very uninterrupted, straight line visual.

Like most jobs, this project was woven exactly to the customers specifications in both size and shape.  The homeowner purchased Banker Wire u-edge sticks and fabricated the railing infill panels himself.

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Railing, Cabinetry & Furniture
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