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ArchitectBecker ArchitectsApplicationsInterior CladdingLocationChicago, IL, US

Chicago High Rise Luxury Apartment

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When a well-known high-rise apartment building in the heart of downtown Chicago received a luxurious makeover, Becker Architects turned to Banker Wire to create minimalist, yet elegant wall panels to conceal both mechanical equipment and an elaborate home control system.

Boasting functionality and beauty, Banker Wire mesh was the perfect option to cover these systems. Since the control system generates an excess of heat, regular solid doors or enclosures were not an option. Banker Wire's S-12 mid-fill woven wire mesh provided openings large enough to allow for proper air circulation and small enough to obscure equipment details.

S-12 is highly faceted with a low open percent area. The pattern is robust and can be woven in stainless steel woven wire mesh or plain steel woven wire mesh. Secondary finishes, such as a powder coat or decorative plating, brings out the beautiful texture of S-12. These design elements, combined with the functionality of the product, made it the ideal option for the project.

S-12 woven wire mesh was selected to be used in multiple panels within the apartment, each identical and spanning two feet wide and eight feet tall in the apartment's hallway. The panels conceal air handlers and permit return air to flow unrestricted.

The end result of this project is an art-like design element that also serves a highly practical purpose. The renovations to the private Chicago residence were completed in Fall 2014 after one year of work.

After working with Banker Wire on this project, Becker Architects has decided to source the woven wire mesh needed for future design-related projects exclusively from Banker Wire.