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ArchitectAria Group ArchitectsFabricatorMidwest Fence Corp.ApplicationsRailingLocationNaperville, IL, US

Che Figata

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The secluded atmosphere of Che Figata's patio is thanks in part to Banker Wire's H-1 woven wire mesh pattern.

Che Figata is an Italian restaurant with a European-style market located in Naperville, Illinois. The restaurant serves up “Italy to Table” themed meals focusing on homemade pasta and pizzas with a few twists on Chicago classic dishes. At 7,500 square feet, Che Figata seats around 220 people.

In Italian, Che Figata (pronunciation: /kay fah-GAH-tah/) is a slang expression that means roughly “that’s cool” and is used when discovering something special. The restaurant itself is designed and inspired by the phrase to bring a fresh and modern, yet authentic Italian dining experience to Naperville.

Outside the restaurant, Banker Wire architectural woven wire mesh pattern H-1 sits within Banker Wire U-Edge, used as part of the railing infill that surrounds the Che Figata patio. The stunning H-1 is made with a helical crimp that was an award-winning innovation by Banker Wire. The 62.4% open area of H-1 allows for a distinct feeling of privacy, yet allows airflow and sightlines to continue. The panels were powder coated by building owner. With its unique helical nature, H-1 lends an elegant and modern touch to Che Figata’s outdoor patio seating.

Banker Wire's H-1 wire mesh pattern has a large percent open area that allows for airflow and continued sight lines, while still giving a sense of privacy.The unique helical crimp style of Banker Wire's H-1 architectural wire mesh pattern lends itself well to the modern take on Italian restaurants.The patio at Che Figata uses Banker Wire's H-1 wire mesh pattern as railing infill.Banker Wire's H-1 has a helical crimp style that works well to provide a modern yet organic feel to the Che Figata patio in Naperville, Illinois.The luxurious patio at Che Figata is surrounded by railing that uses Banker Wire's H-1 architectural woven wire mesh pattern.