Chapman Tripp – An Entrancing Showcase of Woven Wire Mesh in Commercial Design

Wellington | New Zealand

December 19, 2022

Banker Wire S-32 & TXZ-3 wire mesh installed as hand rail screen, and interior design at Chapman Tripp in New Zealand
The Chapman Tripp office space is much more than just a commercial building. Inside and out, the structure is a pinnacle of inspiring design work. Situated in the heart of Wellington, this stunning workplace features a modern blend of private spaces and a flexible open floor plan supported by the latest technological advances.

This rich environment contributes to the critical work completed by one of New Zealand’s largest and most successful law firms. With a refined aesthetic throughout, Archant, Banker Wires representative in New Zealand, provided wire mesh as an integral addition to the layout.

Two distinct styles of Banker Wire mesh were used in the office interior design: the S-32 & the TXZ-3. These products included gorgeous and functional stair balustrading, feature wall applications, curved reception counter enhancement, and ornate backing for the library shelving. The result is an understated but functional showcase of sophistication. Common areas of the office are infused with personality while enhancing the overall flow of the collaborative spaces.

Adorning these expansive areas with delicate touches of wire mesh makes for a more personalized feel. These gentle partitions distinguish each section without closing them off entirely. The space benefits from a balance of intimacy and grandeur by allowing the line of sight to continue into the unique architectural elements. The shimmering textured quality of wire mesh adds a new level of depth and harmony to an already fascinating environment.

With elegant class, the Chapman Tripp project brings a sense of informal beauty. Its open flow is inviting while also offering privacy when needed. As a result, visitors can focus on their tasks while enjoying the intricate design appeal, making this a genuinely engaging world-class space.

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Banker Wire Rep: Archant
Architect: Studio Pacific Architecture
Photo: Jason Mann Photography