Banker Wire Mesh Specified for Superior High School Renovation Project

Woven Railing Infill Mesh and Spine Support Safety with a Modern Look

February 6, 2020

MUKWONAGO, WI — Superior High School, located in Superior, Wisconsin, underwent an approximate $60-million renovation and expansion project, which included the addition of railing infill panels made by Banker Wire, a global manufacturer of woven and welded wire mesh for architectural and industrial applications.

LHB, Inc. provided architecture and engineering services for the project, with construction management services from Kraus-Anderson Construction and many local contractors. The project includes the addition and renovation of a 333,606-square-foot high school—which houses classrooms, offices, common area, gymnasium, library media center, and cafeteria space.

The three-story, academic addition features Banker Wire’s M13Z-7 framed in the manufacturer’s Versatile Spine for the railing infill panels, providing safety, security and style for all facility users. The M13Z-7 woven wire mesh pattern delivers a large open percent area, allowing greater visibility between the large stair landings which look down to the common spaces, such as the cafeteria. To create a visual focal point yet highly durable railing infill panel, M13Z-7 consists of a rigid cable and intercrimp hybrid wire mesh pattern that features a set of three intercrimp fill wires.

Further providing a modern aesthetic, Banker Wire’s Versatile Spine framing delivers a three-layer laminate system to capture the M13Z-7 wire mesh. As a result of laser cut design, the Versatile Spine presented a highly customizable solution for the high school in scale and shape. Both the M13Z-7 wire mesh and Versatile Spine framing were manufactured in stainless steel. TrueNorth Steel then integrated these infill panels into the fabrication of the stairway railings. Ultimately, the wire mesh and framing blend together to create a contemporary look and unique texture for the educational facilities designed by LHB.

“LHB selected M13Z-7 to be utilized as an architectural feature material on the grand stairway at Superior High School,” said Anne Porter, Interior Design Project Manager, LHB. “Banker Wire’s M13Z-7 was framed with the company’s Versatile Spine to provide a finished element. These decorative panels were then mounted to the railing structure to provide an industrial aesthetic while also achieving code requirements. Banker Wire was selected due to its product’s durability that required no added finishing and was prefabricated off site.”

Ultimately, the renovation and expansion project provides additional interior spaces for student collaboration. Banker Wire’s woven wire mesh and Versatile Spine frames surround the perimeter of the large stair landings, serving as a modern alternative to traditional framing strategies. The School District of Superior’s mission is to ensure that all students have the knowledge and skills for living, learning, and working successfully. The District’s nine school buildings accommodate 4,538 students ranging from Preschool through grade 12.


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Banker Wire is the world’s leading manufacturer of woven and welded wire mesh for architectural and industrial applications. With the most modern and productive mill in the U.S., Banker Wire provides custom-weaved material for any aesthetic on any scale – from intricate design highlights to expansive building facades. State-of-the-art grid welding equipment provides a wide variety of wire alloy, spacing and diameter configurations, trimmed or untrimmed. Founded in 1896, and based in Mukwonago, WI, and based in Mukwonago, WI, Banker Wire’s manufacturing expertise has been refined for more than a century, bringing unmatched customization, quality, and service to customers globally. For more information visit

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Pre-crimped woven wire mesh is constructed of individual wires that are crimped prior to being woven together on a loom. Pre-crimping the wires provides a much higher degree of control during the weaving process. This allows for far more intricate and interesting patterns, as well as unique customization, to meet the vision of the designer. Banker Wire has refined and innovated its crimping process more than any other manufacturer, delivering more than 8,000 different spacing, diameter, and crimp combinations, plus endless customization options. As a result, Banker can make any woven wire mesh pattern imaginable – manufactured to specify for any project type.

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