Shipping & Crating

The packaging of woven and welded wire mesh is an important part of Banker Wire’s overall manufacturing process. As we produce an extremely diverse collection of wire mesh products of all shapes, sizes, and quantities, our experience allows us to determine the appropriate packaging required for each situation.

Our packaging strategies are flexible enough to provide protection for normal handling under LTL and full truckload situations. Below are some examples of our typical packaging. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Standard Palletizing

Standard palletizing uses a base platform that is at least 1 inch larger than the footprint of the product. Depending on the mesh spacing and diameter, heavy V-board may or may not be added to protect the edges of the product. The mesh is banded securely to the pallet and loaded onto the truck carefully and to the truck driver’s approval.

Standard Palletizing

Well Crated

Well crated for LTL shipment means that the material will be packaged to a higher than normal degree of protection. This can either be requested by the customer at the time of quoting, or may be standard when shipping certain delicate architectural or aluminum mesh. Edge protection as well as a top cover protects the mesh from stacking or other mishandling. Placards are commonly used to instruct the handlers to “Use only extended forks” or “Do not stack”.

Well Crated

Standard Roll Palletizing

Most commonly rolled wire mesh fabric is stood standing up or “Eye to the sky” for shipment. Fine screen is typically rolled inside a thin corrugated cardboard skin for added protection.

Standard Roll Palletizing

Custom Crating

Custom crating is always available if situations require it. This is maximum protection against careless handling and it is also a method to use if the mesh purchased will not be used or installed right away to protect the mesh during storage. The photo shown is an example of angle crating – this is used in situations where the mesh is wider than 96 inches.

Custom crating is available

Customer Specified Packaging

Banker Wire has the ability to work with customers and develop a specific packaging strategy using special materials that aid in their own production process or marketing strategy. This strategy is used mainly in OEM situations where the same mesh is ordered on a regular basis or when a customer’s SOP requires a specific type of packaging. Please contact us to discuss your company’s special requirements.

Customer specified packaging is available


While we make every reasonable effort to ensure each order is properly protected, improper handling during transit can damage even the most carefully packaged shipment. If damage does occur, it is important to follow standard freight claim procedures with the chosen carrier. Part of Banker Wire’s standard practice is to photograph each shipment before it leaves our facility. Should the need arise, please contact us to request a copy of the photo in our records.