Woven Wire Mesh Benches

Woven Wire Mesh Benches

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States

Products Used

The woven wire mesh benches project features FPZ-16 woven wire mesh. The large scale Banker Wire FPZ-16 wire mesh is characterized as a flat top weave. The smooth top surface makes this the perfect choice for the custom crafted bench surfaces. Christopher Palmer designed the benches with both a contrasting cherry stain as well as a warm honey stain. The leather strapping provides the subtle detail of simple craftmanship.

Even though the FPZ-16 is a large scale wire mesh, the appearance of the pattern becomes quite fine from the perspective of the viewers on the ground. Banker Wire can scale the wire mesh to suit the performance and appearance desired for your next woven wire mesh project. Contact us here to get started.

As previously stated, FPZ-16 features flat top warp. Additionally, its plain crimp fill creates this large scale woven wire mesh that is suitable for all types of architectural applications. From railing infill panels to large span parkade panels, to woven wire mesh benches, the FPZ-16 is strong and adaptable to many different design budgets. See more architectural woven wire mesh projects here, in our project portfolio.

Additional projects that include FPZ-16 are the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Walkways project, the University of Pittsburgh at Greenburg project, and the Wynn Las Vegas parking garage project. Learn more about these projects by viewing the FPZ-16 information page here.

Project Designer:
Christopher Palmer at the Cranbrook Academy of Art
Project Fabricator:
Christopher Palmer at the Cranbrook Academy of Art
Project Applications:
Cabinetry & Furniture
Building Types:
Arts & Culture

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