Randhurst Village Parking Garage

Randhurst Village Parking Garage

Mount Prospect, Illinois, United States

Products Used

When a new three-story, 239,136 square foot parking deck was being built at Randhurst Village in Mount Prospect, Illinois, Meyer Metal Systems (specializing in architectural metals and powder-coated aluminum rails) turned to Banker Wire for an alternative solution to tensioned panels. European cable and rod flexible mesh were called for in the original architectural specifications, but this cable and rod combination required the multiple panels of various dimensions to be tensioned in order to be framed.

As a solution, Banker Wire came up with a weave that matched the European cable and rod flexible mesh specifications in spacing and diameter and created it as a “rigid” mesh. This mesh cost substantially less than the cable material, thus allowing Meyer to introduce a less expensive option while maintaining the architectural requirements of the project.

The architectural wire mesh used was the stainless steel PZ-11. PZ-11 offered a cost savings alternative to fill the openings of Randhurst Village, which is a village-style shopping mall. The rectangular plain crimped wire mesh was manufactured to size and were installed using a powder coated angle and bar pressure fit by bolts. Each opening of this shopping village’s parking structure is covered with Banker Wire’s PZ-11 architectural wire mesh panelized by Meyer Metal Systems.

The project was completed in early 2011 as a 10-acre mixed-use center. The multi-level parking deck provides 586 parking spaces for shoppers and visitors. The exterior of the garage utilized a combination of precast concrete and architectural screen materials to blend seamlessly with the development.

Project Designer:
David Galler
Project Fabricator:
Meyer Metal Systems
Project Applications:
Facades & Parking Garages
Building Types:
Transportation & Infrastructure

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