ONE City Plaza

ONE City Plaza

Greenville, South Carolina, United States

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ONE City Plaza, Greenville’s pedestrian-only city center, is the city’s newest mixed-use hub featuring retail, dining, university and office spaces. Located at Main and Coffee streets, it aims to draw people to the city’s vibrant downtown. The public space offers ample shade, seating and landscaping, which are enjoyed by both the city’s residents and visitors. Reflecting a combination of Southern tradition and contemporary sensibility, the plaza’s design embodies the characteristics that make Greenville unique. Banker Wire mesh forms a shade structure that serves as the centerpiece for the plaza, and meaningfully evokes Greenville’s history. Greenville was previously known as the textile center of the world, and Civitas, designer of ONE City Plaza, wanted to pay homage to the city’s past. That desire led them to consider metal fabric for the shade structure, and they selected Banker Wire wire mesh based on the company’s combination of quality, cost-efficiency and design expertise. The Banker Wire S-12 pattern used has raised facets that draw attention to its woven composition in a nod to the textile industry.

The 20-by-125 foot shade structure, formed by stainless steel wire mesh, provides a beautiful and comfortable place for visitors to ONE City Plaza to relax. Banker Wire S-12 has a low percent open area, which means it can provide shade without blocking light out entirely. By day, it shields guests from the potentially harsh Southern sun, allowing them to dine, lounge and stroll in comfort. By night, small LED lights mounted on the shade structure’s frame illuminate the tables and walkway below. The woven wire mesh filters and reflects the light, giving the plaza a soft glow.

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R.F. Knox Company
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Ceilings & Canopies
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