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ApplicationsFacades & Parking GaragesLocationIrvine, CA, US

Irvine Spectrum Center Parking Garages

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The Irvine Spectrum Center is a spacious outdoor shopping center located in Irvine, California. The mall boasts over 130 retail stores, multiple entertainment venues, and various restaurants as well as a whimsical, antique-themed carousel and a 108-foot Giant Wheel. Surrounding the shopping mall, there are many parking garages dedicated to the Irvine Spectrum Center.

Two of the newest garages, the valet garage on 200 Irvine Spectrum drive, and the garage on 300 Irvine Spectrum Drive utilize Banker Wire’s woven wire mesh. The M14Z-3 wire mesh pattern, in stainless steel, is used as mesh panels to cover the parking garage's window-like openings. The wire mesh panels provide fall protection, security, and ventilation while allowing light to easily pass into the parking garage.