Bugatti 1935 57SC Restoration

Bugatti 1935 57SC Restoration

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

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Jerry Weeks of J. Weeks Metalsmiths Inc., brought Banker Wire another opportunity to take part in a 1935 Bugatti 57SC Torpedo “Competiton Model” restoration project. An exhaustive effort to restore this piece of history included locating a woven wire mesh made out of an .063″ “Square Brass Wire.” This square wire just so happened to be very popular in the 20’s and 30’s.  Banker Wire just completed a Duesenberg project with the same wire but woven in a different wire mesh pattern. Banker Wire was able to crimp the square wire to the correct intercrimp style and spacing as was used in the original period.

Like the Bugatti, woven wire mesh is a classic metal material that doesn’t go out of style. From an enormous selection of wire mesh patterns available, Banker Wire can weave a look that remains classic whether being used for restoration or a modern contemporary space.

This project used: Wire Mesh Pattern: S-25. Banker Wire’s S-25 decorative woven wire mesh weave uses a square wire instead of a traditional round wire. The Intercrimp weave is simple and basic. Our square brass wire is an alloy that is made up of copper and zinc. Anti-sparking characteristic makes this wire mesh raw material a good choice in and around sensitive combustible areas while it’s bright gold-like appearance applies a perfect detailed finish. Our brass ally is relatively resistant to tarnishing but, like all brass alloys, will slowly turn to a greenish and brown color over time. However, Brass can be darkened or preserved with a clear coat by qualified metal finishers. As with all metals, finishing Brass to a specific color or characteristic is an art form and should be done through consulting an experienced metal finisher.

Project Fabricator:
J Weeks Metalsmith Inc.
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Building Types:
Transportation & Infrastructure, Arts & Culture

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