Opaque Woven Wire Mesh Pattern

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Notes: Product photography not to scale. Please download the woven wire spec sheet for more accurate size representation. Always confirm measurements with a physical sample. XDFZ-001 – Architectural Woven Wire MeshXDFZ-1
Specification Sheet

The XDFZ-1 decorative woven wire mesh pattern displays two unique patterns on opposite sides.  The visual detail of the combined angles and shapes requires a closer look to take it all in.  

The front view displays a hexagonal pattern while the back side shows a more dense arrangement of bars and round bends.  

Pattern Details

Percent Open:0.00%

Overall Thickness:0.250

Crimp Style:XD6FZ

Aspect Ratio:1.34:1

Opening Limitation:0.000

Weight:4.150 lbs./sq. ft.


Available Raw Materials: StainlessSteel_Icon2 Click here for more information on Raw Materials

Available Secondary Finishes
Click here for more information on Secondary Finishes