M21Z-5 Architectural Wire Mesh cladding patternM21Z-5 decorative wire mesh for residential sign


Opaque Woven Wire Mesh Pattern

The smooth and wavy lines of the Banker Wire M21Z-5 opaque style architectural wire mesh will excite the senses for your next architectural mesh project. Helical wires nested perfectly into one another during the weaving process creates a heavy, near-opaque cladding mesh that is unlike anything else in the market today.

Pattern Details

Percent Open:0.0%

Overall Thickness:0.315

Crimp Style: 2DH3Z

Aspect Ratio: 23.00:1

Opening Limitation: 0.000

Weight: 3.69 lbs./sq. ft.

Available Raw Materials:
stainless material
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M21Z-5 decorative wire mesh for residential sign